Friday, September 16, 2011

Black and Brown Kids Seeing Consistent Declines in SAT Scores

by Valencia Roner, Your Black World 

Newly released SAT scores show that scores in reading, writing and even math are down over last year and have been declining for years. And critical reading scores are the lowest in 40 years.

The stubborn and disturbing achievement gaps among Asians, white and Blacks remain large.  The average composite SAT scores for Asians, for example, have increased 40 points since 2006, while black students have seen a 19-point decline. Mexican or Mexican-Americans have had a 9-point drop; Puerto Ricans, a 17-point decline, and other Hispanics or Latinos, a 14-point decline, according to the National Center for Fair & Open Testing, known as FairTest, a non-profit organization dedicated to eliminating the misuse of tests.

More minorities are taking the SAT, but test scores for black students remain lowest among racial and ethnic groups, according to data released this week by the College Board.

"No one is disputing the fact that black and Hispanic students score much lower than white students do," said Andy Jacob, spokesman for the New York City Department of Education. "In the past, a lot of black and Hispanic kids were not taking [the SAT] at all and I don't think anyone wants to go back to those days."

The overall test results reveal students from higher income families score higher than all test takers, females score higher than males, and Asians score higher than whites


gjacolby83 said...

This really sucks!!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't make any sense! We've been over here long enough to be doing A LOT better. For heaven's sake, we have a black president and it seems that instead of progressing we're regressing in every other area. This is ridiculous! Education is the key, esp. for a black person in this country....or any country really. Black folks need to do better!

Anonymous said...

It's about time we start teaching our Black children. Every church hall should have an after school program taught by Black teachers. Now adays, at least in the Northeast, most of the teachers are white. With Teach for America, the young teachers are getting to be white also in urban areas all over the country. We have teachers and staff who can not relate to our Black children while they pretend to teach them.

Take back our children! Black ministers, please put the Sunday collections' money in hiring youth ministers, tutors, after school staff, not in latest model cars, jewerly for your wife and girlfriends and/or other superflous materials.