Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jesse Jackson, Marc Lamont Hill, Boyce Watkins Give Solutions to Black Students

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Marc Lamont Hill appeared on the Rev. Jesse Jackson show to discuss educational policy. Rev. Jackson asked Dr. Watkins and Dr. Hill to make recommendations on the educational achievement gap and how to support the problems experienced by black males. Marc Lamont Hill is a Temple University Professor and Boyce Watkins teaches at Syracuse University. Both men are regulars on CNN, FOX and BET.

Jesse Jackson runs the Rainbow Push Coalition, which is going to make the dropout problem one of its key initiatives this year. Jackson is putting together a panel consisting of Marc Lamont Hill, Boyce Watkins and other experts specifically to address this issue.

During the discussion, which took place on The Jesse Jackson Show, Jackson asked the panelists if race still matters in America. Both men agreed.

“There is a litany of statistics showing that black students don’t get the benefit of the doubt in our school systems,” says Dr. Hill. “Race matters in America and it matters in our schools.”

Dr. Watkins, who wrote the book “Everything you ever wanted to know about college” agreed with Rev. Jackson and Dr. Hill. He also added that money is critical to solving the problem.

“America is more capitalist than it is racist, sexist or democratic,” says Dr. Watkins. “If we do not put resources into the schools, the educational problems will continue to persist.”

Dr. Hill and Dr. Watkins are going to meet with Jesse Jackson this summer at the Rainbow Push Coalition meetings to further discuss this issue. Al Sharpton and other black leaders are expected there as well.

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Anonymous said...

It frustrates me to the upmost that children are allowed to drop out in the state of Alabama at age sixteen. What are the parents doing about this? Has everyone given up on our youth!!!!Someone needs to be held accountable.... Why aren't parents speaking up or do they really care?