Wednesday, June 11, 2008


With all the advances in the United States today, the reading levels of our children is one area where we haven’t made the advances that are critical to our future. Children’s reading levels are representative of their parents reading activities and of the literacy issues facing many Americans.

The major danger is that reading is the great equalizer and many parents are missing a chance to greatly increase their child’s chances of success. Reading will significantly enhance your child’s chances of success and can put you and your child on the same level with just about anybody, anywhere. Reading can take you places you’ll never go and help you see things you’ve never seen before. Reading can educate the uneducated. Besides, reading can be fun!

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” - Joseph Addison

Parents who read often have children that read, and this is a huge area of opportunity for parents. Far too many parents aren’t reading and neither are their children. So how often do you read?

A reader or non-reader, opportunity is all around you. You should be the role model for your children and with reading, it’s no different. If you enjoy reading, and consider yourself a reader, there’s a good chance your child will be a reader. And if you’re not, consider any of these ideas to get you started;

- Go to your local library and get a library card. While you’re there, ask about any reading programs; or set a goal to read a book every two or three weeks.

- Determine a subject of interest to you, and read a book on that subject.

- Find a place that you would like to learn about or visit, and read a book about that place.

- Something that you would like to learn to do, read a book on it and try to do it.

- Have a family reading time without the television.

And if you need assistance with your reading skills, seek out a literacy program at a library near you. The key is to find something to read that is interesting to you. More important than what you read is that you read!

Before you know it, you’ll discover all kinds of things that you wanted to know, and that’s only the beginning. Your child will become a reader with you as a role model. Reading can give you hope. Reading gives you the ability to learn. Reading is one of the most precious gifts that you can give your child.

Maurice Arthur is the author of " A Black Man Thinking: Volume 1 – Raising Children"
ISBN: 978-0-9788340-0-5

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