Saturday, September 6, 2008

Teach the Children - Prepare them for the Future

There is so much going on these days: concern about the economy, Presidential elections, going green, etc. Don't you wish you were better prepared? Well, we can certainly prepare our children for the future. Education is key. But, education happens at school & at home. Unfortunately, the things that we are facing today were not typically addressed in the classroom.

Money management should be taught as early as possible. A child can learn about money management while you are grocery shopping, counting coins on the dinner table, getting an allowance and starting a savings account (like the old piggy bank). As far as the election is concerned, why not point out things that are clear examples of the results of decisions of the elected officials. For example - why are your streets full of potholes when the one across town are not? Why are there no playgrounds in your neighborhood? Why does your child's school lack books? Why do you have to work 2 jobs? Why can't you get a job? Hopefully you vote and follow the decisions and actions of your elected officials. If so, you should be able to have this dialog with your child.

Again, this type of education can only come from home. Even though you may not have recieved this education yourself early enough, let's not repeat that cycle. Let's teach our children now - so that they can have a better future. These topics may seem a little tough to get across to a child. To help you along, there are children's books on all of these subjects and many more. In fact, children's books make the story exciting and come alive - and easier to understand (for us too!) Checkout or your local bookstores for many exciting and educational stories. Let's teach the children and prepare them for the future.

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