Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Black World: Marian Wright Edelman Screams For The Children

Iconic activist and child advocate, Marian Wright Edelman, speaks to Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! In this discussion, Edelman expresses deep concern over the level of indifference directed at the plight of young children of every color. Eldeman worries that the dream Dr. King had, has never been granted a chance at fruition; and the “triple evils” of racism, economic exploitation and militarism, which he warned of, have become part and parcel of our humanity. She also admonishes, in a prophetic tone, that its time to "begin to get our heads screwed on straight and to begin to invest in the future and in our young people today." If not, Marian Edelman, who is founder and president of Children’s Defense Fund, is certain that such inaction would "topple America’s leadership in the world in the future." Marian Wright Edelman furthermore urges the world to pay more close attention to tomorrow's inhabitants:

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